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APIAHiP members tour the site of Chinatown House in Rancho Cucamonga, CA (Photo by O.C. Lee). 

APIA Endangered Sites

The APIA Endangered Sites committee focuses on identifying, documenting, and advocating for saving threatened historic or cultural sites in APIA communities. This includes providing support and resources to local community groups and partnering with preservation-related organizations.​​


The APIA Endangered Sites committee monitors threats to Asian & Pacific Islander American heritage sites by maintaining a watch list of historic and cultural resources threatened by demolition, neglect, inappropriate development, or insensitive public policy. We also review requests for letters of support for individual preservation projects. 


Help us bring attention to threatened sites in our community! Asian Pacific Islander Americans in Historic Preservation (APIAHiP) needs your help to identifyhistoric and cultural resources currently threatened by demolition, neglect, inappropriate development, or insensitive public policy. Let’s raise awareness about these important places!


Submission Guidelines for APIAHiP's Endangered Sites Watch List


We review applications on an ongoing basis. Email the following information to

1. Name of resource


2. Location
3. Provide a brief description of the site and its significance (maximum 250 words)
4. Describe the nature and urgency of the threat* (maximum 250 words)
5. Contact information (full name, address, phone, email, website)

Attach minimum two photos of the resource (maximum file size 1 MB). By submitting photos, you indicate that you agree to our use on our blog and APIAHiP-affiliated websites.

Defining threat: 

Destruction or dismantling of a historic building, site, or landscape. 

‘Demolition by neglect’ is a common and serious threat to historic buildings. An owner allows a site or building to slowly deteriorate to the point that it can be deemed a safety hazard, and therefore legally demolished. 

Inappropriate Development 
Can refer to either: 1) development not in keeping with the architectural or historic character of its surrounding neighborhood, or 2) development that impedes interpretation of a significant historic site or cultural landscape. 

Insensitive Public Policy 
Broadly defined as legislation that impedes the awareness and protection of a community’s historic resources.





Request a Letter of Support

In addition to APIAHiP's Endangered Sites Watch List, we provide letters of support for preservation-related projects. 

To request a letter of support, submit a 1-3 page issue summary: 

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