Welcome to APIAHiP!

​​​​​​​Asian & Pacific Islander Americans in Historic Preservation (APIAHiP) is a national network of preservationists, historians, planners, and advocates focused on historic and cultural preservation in Asian & Pacific Islander American communities.​​​​


Since its inception in 2007, APIAHiP has hosted three biennial National APIA Historic Preservation Forums, convening over 800 preservationists, historians, urban planners, architects, community leaders, policy makers, and others involved in preserving and sustaining historic and cultural resources that are important to Asian and Pacific Islander Americans across the United States and its territories. APIAHiP has also been involved with national advocacy and policy issues, including increasing participation and visibility of APIA historic and cultural resources. 

Mission: To protect historic places and cultural resources significant to Asian and Pacific Islander Americans through historic preservation and heritage conservation by: (1) creating an information-sharing network which can provide support for established and emerging historic preservation programs, and also to define issues; (2) establishing educational programs for raising public awareness and impacting historic preservation policy on local, state, and national levels; and (3) increasing public and private resources for building historic preservation capacity. The term "historic preservation” and “heritage conservation" are meant to include educational and community development activities involving the preservation, conservation, and protection of tangible and intangible historic and cultural resources.


In addition to our bienniel Forums, APIAHiP is proud of our two projects ---  "East at Main Street" a national APIA history mapping project and APIA Endangered Sites.  

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Since 2010, APIAHiP has developed and hosted the biennial National APIA Historic Preservation Forum. The Forum brings together individuals and organizations from across the nation to share and discuss current issues and trends in the preservation of historic and cultural sites significant to APIA communities.



The APIA Endangered Sites committee focuses on identifying, documenting, and advocating for saving threatened historic or cultural sites in APIA communities. 


Help us bring attention to threatened sites in our community! We need  your help identifying historic and cultural resources currently threatened by demolition, neglect, inappropriate development, or insensitive public policy. Let’s raise awareness about these important places!

East at Main Street: Mapping APIA History focuses on gathering oral histories, photographs, and other material related to historical and cultural places that are important to Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) communities.


Help us uncover and share information and memories reflecting the historical and cultural contributions of API Americans.

Learn about APIAHiP's policy recommendations for preserving, landmarking, and interpreting APIA historic and cultural sites.