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National APIA Historic Preservation Forum

APIAHiP develops and hosts the biennial National Asian and Pacific Islander American Historic Preservation Forum. The Forum brings together individuals and organizations from across the national to share and discuss current issues and needs in preserving historic and cultural sites significant to APIA communities.

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2020 Forum |  January 31 - February 3  | Honolulu, HI


The 2020 National APIA Historic Preservation Forum – "Envisioning Our Future, Preserving Our Histories and Places" will be held in Honolulu, HI. During this Forum, we aim to look forward to the future of historic preservation for Asian and Pacific Islander Americans and examine the challenges and innovations demonstrated in Oahu's richly diverse and complex APIA communities and places. 

2018 Forum | November 11-13 | San Francisco, CA


The 2018 National APIA Historic Preservation Forum – "Connect. Inspire. Preserve." was held in San Francisco, CA.

At this forum, we celebrated the debut of the National Parks Service’s Asian American Pacific Islander National Historic Landmarks Theme Study. Initiated in 2013 by then-Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar, the theme study is a guiding instrument in preserving APIA cultural and historical sites that will hopefully encourage the nomination of APIA-related sites into the National Historic Landmarks program.

With the themes study in hand, the 2018 Forum was designed to address the need to support historic and cultural preservation efforts that are important for APIAs by bringing together experts in preservation, community development, history, and the arts with community groups, practitioners, and students.


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2016 Forum | April 23-25 | Stockton, CA


The 2016 National APIA Historic Preservation Forum – "Shaping Our Future Through Our Historic Neighborhoods" was held in Stockton, CA.


The 2016 Forum addressed the need to support historic and cultural preservation efforts that are important for APIAs by bringing together experts in the fields of preservation, community development, history, and the arts with community groups, practitioners, and students. Attendees will enjoy educational panels, advocacy workshop, tours of historic sites and neighborhoods, film screenings, and group discussions about the diverse stories of APIAs in US history and in historic preservation efforts.


The APIA Preservation Awards honored  individuals and organizations elevating historic preservation in the APIA community and feature cultural performances from local APIA community groups and organizations. 

2014 Forum | September 14-16 | Washington, DC


The  2014 Forum -- "Building National Visibility and Partnerships to Promote APIA Heritage" -- was held in Washington. DC on September 14-16. 


The 2014 Forum provided an opportunity to connect APIA communities across the United States and to engage more deeply in policy and advocacy related to APIA heritage and preservation. The 2014 Forum proved to be a unique opportunity to:

• interact with local and national preservation organizations to develop innovative solutions and build partnerships;

• dialogue with experts on preservation policy issues;

• advance community-based solutions that collectively address the increasing need for more visibility of historic sites and more engagement in historic and cultural preservation;

• advocate and preserve APIA historic sites and cultural resources; and

• network and collaborate with APIA preservation-related organizations and leaders to build national partnerships to promote APIA heritage.

2012 Forum | June 21-23 | Los Angeles, CA


The 2012 Forum—Safeguarding and Sharing Our American Stories—was held in Los Angeles, CA. The 2012 Forum was designed to propel the conversation forward and get attendees to share their stories of mobilization and preservation. In addition to information-sharing and networking, the second conference went further by providing snapshots of the current preservation landscape: some of the latest techniques being used, who some of the players are at various levels, the shifting national scope, and how APIA preservationists could interact within those various arenas.

2010 Forum| June 24-26 | San Francisco, CA


In June 2010, over 150 participants from across the country gathered at the first national Asian and Pacific Islander American Historic Preservation Forum in San Francisco's Japantown to discuss the relevance of historic preservation for the Asian and Pacific Islander American communities.


The theme of the first Forum was “Preserving Asian Pacific Islander America: Mobilizing Our Community.” And mobilize it did. Attendees gained a sense of purpose and energy, and--most importantly--they left with a shared idea of the role of preservation in the Asian and Pacific Islander American community.

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